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The Best Italian Wedding Photographer in Venice

Your dream Wedding Photography Services in Venice


[cml_media_alt id='814']DSC01642_ppbisbw[/cml_media_alt]Maurizio Torresan is one of the best Italian professional photographers.
In his career he has produced thousands of photographic services in venice, realizing the dream of a spectacular wedding in the most romantic city in the world.

Maurizio Torresan has also photographed hundreds of celebrities, Italian and international.

To the question: Maurizio, what is your Mission?
He answers: my Mission is to shoot, fix and make the best moments in life unforgettable forever. I would like to enable my customers to relive the atmosphere and emotions of those moments and remember people and unforgettable places. For this reason, my strong point is the professional preparation. I gained the confidence of my customers who entrusted me with the task to make those moments unforgettable.

Choose Venice for your dream wedding!
Choose Maurizio Torresan to capture photos of your dream …
…as they have done, George Clooney e Amal Alamuddin!


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The Back Cat

A few minutes before the arrival of George and Amal, a black cat, it seems to wait for them to give him his welcome.

It is a harbinger of doom, or simple superstition?





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The Arrival of George and Amal

So many people are waiting for the arrival of George and Amaral, they appear in great shape.








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The Departure of George and Amal










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