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torresanI started writing on my blog with a story of days ago of the death of one of the first street photographers’ 900 Piazza San Marco in Venice, Mr. Aldo Baldassi of 93 years (see attached photo).

One day, having my photo studio in Piazza San Marco in Venice and intrigued to learn about the history of portrait photographers walking in Piazza San Marco, I went to the Biblioteca Marciana in Piazza San Marco to do a search, but found nothing very interesting.

Fatality after a few weeks, during my photo shoot in Piazza San Marco, approached an elderly gentleman and intrigued by my digital camera I asked a few questions between us and began a short and pleasant chat (I was working with customers) after some days the rincontrai always accompanied by his gentle wife and I discovered that Mr. Aldo was one of the first portrait photographers in Piazza San Marco, I was immediately reminded of my research on the history of Piazza Photographers and then I took the opportunity to ask a lot of information helpful, he told me that he was born in 1921 and he was one of the few photographers who were allowed to exercise this profession around 1937 as an assistant photographer father it also photographer of the first generation in Piazza San Marco from 1900/1901.

In recent years I got to meet him at other times and on each occasion he told me some anecdotes of the first photographers that tell you soon, but today I will stop here to remember that nice and spry gentleman that “someone” would we made friends.


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